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Since it’s ridiculously cold out right now, I thought I’d highlight a job that was produced in Colorado during one of the craziest cold spells I’ve ever experienced.

I was working on a job for Primaloft with photographer Paul Aresu.  The job, spearheaded by Commonground Chicago, selected to shoot at Arapahoe Basin, aka A-Basin in Colorado during December.  Although the slopes are open, snowfall is much more plentiful in January and February. Luckily for us, a giant snowstorm blew in the day before.

The conditions on the mountain cleared up enough for us to be able to shoot and we had a spectacular bluebird day.

The staff at A-Basin were super helpful in schlepping equipment and wardrobe. And everyone got in on the action either skiing, snowboarding or just hurling snowballs.  We had some amazing skiing talent — cast by Annie Hamilton Casting.

On our second day, and what was supposed to be a rock-climbing shoot ended up being something closer to ice-climbing. It was about five degrees! We braved the cold again, this time in El Dorado Canyon, shooting some very fearless rock climbers.  I don’t know how they did it without their limbs falling off, it was a grueling shoot.

rachel mclaughlin canon camera
This Canon took a beating in the cold, and it even started to freeze up from Paul’s breath (!!!) …but still worked! No power failures!

To say the least, this was one of the most logistically complicated projects I’ve done and my number one priority was that everyone was safe and warm.

Fantastic job to all!



rachel mclaughlin colorado production



A still of yours truly who happened to make a cameo on the official Primaloft Video.  Don’t I look all bundled up in my down hood and hardhat?

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  1. I complain about the conditions that we’re having now in New York. You would call it a heatwave. Good luck with the new endeavor.

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